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Tarot card readings are performed by a Diviner on behalf of a questioner who is known as the Querent. The Querent must always ask a question of the cards on which they would like some insight.

After shuffling the cards, a certain number of cards are chosen and laid out in a pattern known as the Spread. There are many different spreads which can be used for various types of divinations. The number of cards chosen for the spread will also vary. Spreads of between three and ten cards are the most common.

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One of the most simple spreads is the Three Card Spread, as used on this web site for your daily Tarot reading. The cards in our particular spread are used to represent the past, present and future of the Querent's question. The chosen cards are seen as the influences on the question during those times in the Querent's life the question covers. By interpreting the symbolism of each of the chosen cards in the positions they land, the Diviner can provide the Querent with the answers they seek. The answers given in the reading can then be a guide which allows the Querent a greater insight into their life and the questions we all need to answer.

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