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Aquarius and Aquarius together are pleasantly compatible and will hit it off straight away. They love intellectual conversation and will enjoy talking for hours on end. They also crave excitement, love to have fun and will have many wild adventures together. Aquarians both know and understand each other's need for personal freedom and space.

Aquarians have a high regard for each other and also have respect for each other's individuality. There is a strong chemistry between both Aquarius and both are practical and realistic about their goals and aspirations in life. Neither feels the need for jealousy or resentment. Aquarians are open minded in their relationships.

As Aquarius has a tendency to come across as superficial there is a chance the relationship will lack any intensity. Aquarians are more logically minded than emotional and can appear to be impersonal and aloof in a relationship. However just as long as both Aquarians show their sensitive and nurturing side this can lead to a fulfilling, comfortable relationship.

Aquarians are known to be stubborn at times yet both will be extremely tolerant and unbiased towards each other. Aquarians are fiercely loyal and protective of each other. As well as being lovers they can also make the best of friends.

A little compromise from both sides and the Aquarius with Aquarius relationship can be long term and even leading to marriage.

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