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Traits: The Aquarian is a friendly, humanitarian sign. They are intellectual, clear and logical. They are independent and will seek to lead rather than follow.

Aquarians dislike outside interference and can be stubborn. They do have a tendency to be demanding and have ideals; they are quick to anger and slow to forgive. However Aquarians place friendship at high value. They are helpful and always eager and ready to offer advice when needed. They are unbiased and tolerant, able to see both sides of an argument.

As careers, they have a desire for knowledge and truth; they are fascinated with science, history and astronomy. Being creative, they also have an interest in photography, entertainment and broadcasting. Aquarians have strong imaginations and are highly intuitive; they are spiritual and can also have psychic tendencies. They are great thinkers and love to think up new ideas.

Aquarians, despite being friendly and extroverted do not always make friends easily as they can come across as condescending at times and cold. However being friendly and open, they have no shortage of friends. They can be fiercely loyal, sensitive and loving to their chosen partner but being strongly independent may be slow to commit if they start to feel trapped.

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