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There is never a dull moment when Aquarius and Aries meet. From the very beginning they are enthralled with each other and will quickly become friendly. Aquarius and Aries both enjoy good stimulating conversation and will seldom have problems with communication.

Aquarius and Aries also love to travel, they like anywhere new and exotic. They are fascinated by different places and cultures and enjoy the experience travelling brings. They also work well together both signs constantly having new and fresh ideas.

Aquarius does tend to be more independent than Aries and may come across as a little distant which may make feel Aries somewhat neglected, however Aquarius can also be extremely loyal and affectionate and this will usually win Aries over. Aries will also have to guard against any feelings of jealousy or possessiveness, as this will make Aquarius want to run in the opposite direction.

Arguments do occur between the two as each may try to dominate the other at times however this seldom lasts as Aquarius has a calming affect on the quick tempered Aries. It isn't long before they kiss and make up again.

This can be a perfect match. They are both understanding and tolerant of each other's needs and even if their relationship does not last in the long term they often still remain the best of friends.

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