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When Scorpio and Aries meet for the first time they will find it hard to resist each other. Aries is strongly attracted to the mysterious and intense Scorpio. Scorpio is drawn to the vivacious and head strong Aries.

The Aries loves to search for excitement and this appeals to the fun loving side of Scorpio. Both Aries and Scorpio will have great time getting to know each other better. The deeply passionate Scorpio is a good match for the fiery nature of Aries.

Problems may occur as both being strongly independent, each may want to go their own way, both are stubborn as well so both Scorpio and Aries will find it hard to back down. Aries and Scorpio however can learn to adapt to each others lifestyles and in doing so their love for each other can become stronger. They have the ability to form a strong united bond with each having their own sense of individuality.

Aries will have to curb any flirtatious behaviour as this will cause Scorpio to fly into a jealous rage. Scorpio needs to feel totally secure and also finds it hard to forgive and forget whereas Aries will seldom hold a grudge for long. Aries always shows concern and has consideration for others, Aries has the ability to make others feel good and can easily win the Scorpio over.

It is the strong passionate nature of both Aries and Scorpio that keeps their relationship going. Aries and Scorpio thrive on drama and both will take their chances as they love the risk involved. Scorpio and Aries will always have ups and downs but as long as they remain in love, this can lead into a loving, stable and secure relationship.

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