cancer aquarius love compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius are so different from each other that at first they cannot help but be captivated by each other's personality. Aquarius appreciates the loving, loyal and affectionate Cancer, and the Cancer in turn is held spell bound by the worldly ways of the intellectual and creative Aquarius.

Problems can occur in this relationship if Cancer begins to feel unappreciated and even sometimes a little unloved by the coolness and detachment of the freedom loving Aquarius. Also Aquarius may start to feel suffocated by the emotional needs of Cancer. The more sensitive Cancer can easily misconstrue the intentions of Aquarius.

Providing there is good communication and mutual understanding of each other's needs and wants, the relationship between Cancer and Aquarius can work as both have a lot to offer each other. Aquarius can teach the Cancer to be more verbally expressive and farsighted and Cancer can teach Aquarius to be more in touch with their emotions and feelings.

Aquarius and Cancer may have different ideas and opinions but these very opposing qualities could actually make for a well-balanced and loving relationship.

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