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Cancer and Sagittarius couldn't be more opposite; poles apart, both want different things in life. The Sagittarius craves excitement and adventure and will constantly be on the go, searching for new places and meeting new people. Cancer much prefers the quieter domesticated way of life. Cancer needs to feel emotionally secure.

When Cancer and Sagittarius meet for the first time, it will be either a love or hate relationship. Cancer could find Sagittarius somewhat false and superficial and Sagittarius may grow bored and frustrated with the emotional drama of Cancer. Yet on the other end of the scale, Cancer is intrigued with Sagittarius' enthusiasm of life and Sagittarius comes to appreciate and admire the sensitivity of peace loving Cancer.

Cancer and Sagittarius do have one thing in common and that is they both like to travel. They can both enjoy this together whilst perfectly balancing the needs of Sagittarius' wanderlust with Cancers' need for a secure, stable home base. Sagittarius shows Cancer the natural beauty of the outside world, which Cancer comes to appreciate and Cancer offers Sagittarius the stability of a deeper meaningful relationship.

In time Cancer and Sagittarius can learn so many lessons from each other. Cancer shows Sagittarius how to balance their wild ways with a calmer approach to life and at the same time Sagittarius teaches Cancer to be bolder and more daring. Cancer teaches Sagittarius to be more in touch with their feelings. Sagittarius seldom falls in love, but when they do they fall hard and it usually takes someone like Cancer to make them see what true love is all about.

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