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Cancer and Scorpio are two of the most well-matched signs of the zodiac. When they meet there is an irresistible pull of attraction between the two. Cancer is mesmerised with the intensity of emotions from Scorpio and Scorpio has a deep understanding for the sensitive Cancer.

The friendly warm-hearted Scorpio brings the shy Cancer out of their shell and showers them with attention and affection, which is just the thing Cancer, is looking for. The loyal Cancer offers Scorpio emotional stability and security, which despite Scorpio's air of mystery that surrounds them, is exactly what they are looking for. Together they have a well-balanced combination of traits, giving each other the strength to overcome the one the others weaknesses.

Scorpio will need to guard against being over critical as their sharp tongue could easily hurt Cancer and make them fell less secure in their relationship and as sympathetic as Scorpio can be they may still tire of any clinginess shown by Cancer. Scorpio though appearing cold and calm on the surface, underneath they are brimming with emotion, which the Cancer will soon discover.

However Cancer and Scorpio are soul mates, they discover that they have a great deal in common. They are kind, caring and affectionate towards each other and to others. Both are lovers of art and music and they always enjoy doing things and spending time together, any disagreements between them will be short lived.

Scorpio and Cancer share the same sense of humour; which they admire in each other. Both are adaptable and flexible in most relationships. They are loyal and once they find the right partner both know that it will be for eternity.

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