gemini aquarius love compatibility

With both Gemini with Aquarius eager for adventure and curious enough to try anything new, this relationship can be an exciting one for both. Aquarius is drawn to the unconventional ways of the Gemini and Gemini is intrigued by the open mindedness and intelligence of the Aquarius. Together they will always come up with new ideas and won't find it difficult to keep their relationship burning with fiery passion.

The Aquarius, being the more stable and steady of the two signs has the ability to calm the restless Gemini. Gemini may at times become frustrated at the obsessive behavior of Aquarius but being flexible both signs find it easy to compromise.

Gemini and Aquarius are both independent and being friendly each will have their own circle of friends and will have respect for each others space, there is no possessiveness or clinginess with these two. As both signs are loyal and faithful this romance can work in the long term as lovers and as best friends.

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