gemini cancer love compatibility

This pair will hit it off straight away. The intellectual and witty Gemini will bring the cautious Cancer out of their shell. Gemini will also be swept away by the Cancers loving nature.

Problems may occur in the long term by Cancers insecurity with Gemini not helping by being flighty and inconsistent. Gemini in turn could get tired of Cancers moodiness and may feel also feel the Cancer is too clingy and touchy from time to time. If Gemini takes the time to reassure Cancer that they're loved and cherished and Cancer in turns learns to trust Gemini, things will run smoothly.

These two signs can learn a lot from each other, Cancer helping Gemini to get in touch with their emotional and sensual side and Gemini teaching Cancer to be more versatile. Both signs do have common interests, both appreciate the beauty of life, they as equally happy travelling to exotic places or just sitting at home eating a home cooked meal for two, by candlelight of course!

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