gemini leo love compatibility

There will be a strong mutual attraction between Gemini and Leo from the start. Gemini loves the generous warm loving nature of Leo and Leo adores the bubbly vivacious Gemini, both of them share the same passion for life.

Gemini and Leo soon discover that they have a lot in common; they have the same sense of humour and enjoy stimulating and witty conversation. They are both imaginative and creative and will seldom be bored with each other. Being friendly they tend to have a wide circle of friends. They both also understand each others need to have their own space from time to time.

They do however have their differences; Gemini loves to be on the go and has the tendency to be indecisive when making decisions whereas Leo needs to have a more stability in their lives. Leo may want to be more in control, which could cause problems to the flighty Gemini. Compromise from both signs is needed for their relationship to become well balanced.

Gemini when riled is known for having a sharp tongue and could hurt the fragile ego of the Leo, which leads to tempers flaring between the two. However both signs are forgiving and neither will hold a grudge for very long. Gemini also has the ability to help the fiery Leo to be more calm and relaxed.

In the long term, Gemini and Leo, with their strong sense of loyalty and caring passionate natures will eventually realise the benefits of staying together and eventually will form a deep bond that will last for a long time.

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