gemini scorpio love compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio are two complete opposites yet when they meet up both find it hard to resist one another. Gemini is fascinated with the passionate Scorpio and Scorpio is mesmerised by the complex personality of Gemini.

Gemini and Scorpio love to talk, both are stimulated by intellectual conversation. Scorpio finds Gemini's sense of humour appealing and Gemini adores the dry wit of Scorpio. They will like nothing better than to keep each other amused with stories about each others life.

Scorpio at times may be a little frustrated at the fickle behaviour of Gemini and may want them to take things in life a little more seriously, Gemini in turn could become frustrated with the stubbornness of Scorpio. However both signs can learn from each other. Gemini shows Scorpio that the world is more than just black and white and Scorpio teaches Gemini to be more practical and less inconsistent when it comes to the important things in life.

Scorpio may also be a bit too emotionally intense for the light hearted Gemini. Scorpio will need to allow Gemini some breathing space or Gemini will see them as too clingy. Scorpio likes to be the more domineering partner which the flexible Gemini finds easy to adapt to however Scorpio will need to guard against being over demanding as this will send Gemini running in the opposite direction. Gemini also needs to communicate from the heart to Scorpio and be more open with their feelings.

Gemini and Scorpio together can work out in the long term as both are loyal, affectionate and despite their hectic lifestyles, both deep down desire a close and stable relationship. As long as there is good communication and understanding from both Scorpio and Gemini, this could be a life long romance.

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