gemini virgo love compatibility

Gemini and Virgo are intellectually both on the same level and as both are also great talkers will hit it off straight away. Both enjoy the finer things in life and are keen to travel and will usually enjoy romantic holidays. Gemini and Virgo both have no trouble making friends and will have a wide circle of friends with which they enjoy socialising.

In the long term this relationship can run into some difficulties as Gemini is more of a dreamer their ideas may seem to be more 'pie in the sky' to the more practical Virgo and in turn Gemini may grow bored with the rigid ideas of Virgo.

However both signs can learn a lot from each other, Virgo can teach Gemini how to wisely plan ahead and Gemini can teach Virgo to be more imaginative in more ways than one! If these two signs can appreciate what the other has to offer this relationship can grow into an interesting and loving partnership.

Gemini Love Compatibility
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