leo aquarius love compatibility

There is mutual fascination between Leo and Aquarius from the start. Aquarius is enchanted by the charming and warm hearted Leo, and Leo finds the cool demeanor of Aquarius alluring. Together they prove to the world that opposites do attract.

Leo and Aquarius will support each other in their life goals and ambitions. Aquarius offers creativity and individuality which Leo appreciates and Leo helps Aquarius to see things as a whole. Their different traits can lead to a well balanced and harmonious relationship.

Leo can sometimes come across as dictatorial to the more laid back Aquarius and Aquarius can sometimes appear to be obstinate to Leo. Problems may occur if each sign tries to dominate the other. Aquarius and Leo can both be as equally as stubborn so here they will have to learn to compromise with each other.

Aquarius and Leo can both be quick tempered and tempers can flare easily between the two, however Aquarius learns from Leo how to forgive and forget just as quickly and as the compassionate nature of of the two signs takes hold, they will kiss and make up just as quick!

Leo basks in the undivided attention and adoration shown to them by Aquarius. Aquarius is overwhelmed by the faithfulness and genuine sincerity from Leo. Aquarius and Leo are mesmerised by each others ways and are both intelligent enough to understand that each has a lot to offer the other in terms of a relationship.

Once they learn to respect each others differences and appreciate what the other has to offer, Leo and Aquarius will form a strong and steady relationship that will last for a very long time.

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