leo capricorn love compatibility

Sparks will certainly fly between Leo and Capricorn. Leo being a social animal loves to party and Capricorn, although being the more reserved of the two, will soon respond to the fiery passion of the Leo.

They both seek to live life to the full and will strive for power and high status. Problems may occur as both signs wanting to dominate in the relationship which could cause tempers to flare however they will make up just as quickly!

Capricorn can appear cold at times and this may make Leo feel somewhat crushed and a bit bored by Capricorn's predictable lifestyle, however Capricorn will soon appreciate Leos spontaneity and care free, laid back attitude towards life. Leo in turn will learn from Capricorn's no nonsense approach and to be more realistic about achieving their goals.

Capricorn and Leo share the same enthusiasm and once they both know what they want they will continuously show love and support for each other. This relationship can form a strong bond that will last for a long time.

Leo Love Compatibility
Capricorn Love Compatibility

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