leo pisces love compatibility

The opposite qualities these two signs have can make or break a relationship.  However these very differences they have could work to both of their advantages.

Leos will be attracted to the kindness and sensitivity of the Pisces, in turn Pisces admires the strength and power Leo holds.  There will be few fights for domination as Pisces happily allows Leo to lead the way, most of the time. Pisces has no desire to be in the limelight and will leave Leo to get all the attention they crave.  However the passive Pisces will need more understanding from Leo, as they tend to withdraw, keeping their feelings to themselves.

Both signs can learn a lot from each other. Leo encourages Pisces to be more expressive, and Leo to be more like the open minded Pisces. Problems may occur with Leo's temper, but the gentle, patient Pisces is often able to calm the fiery Leo.

Pisces love to be adored and this comes naturally to the Leo who is protective and caring towards their Pisces partner.  Pisces will learn to feel comfortable by Leos' warm personality.

Above all, the Pisces and Leo partnership can become a deep and meaningful relationship with both signs being both trusting and loyal.

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