leo scorpio love compatibility

There is instant attraction between Scorpio and Leo when these two first meet. Scorpio is drawn to the stamina and power that radiates from the charismatic Leo, whilst Leo is intrigued by the mysterious Scorpio, wanting to know what lies beneath that seemingly cool and self-controlled exterior.

Scorpio and Leo are both strong willed and need to give more to each other to keep an even balance on their differences. Scorpio may find the lavish lifestyle of Leo intolerable to live with and Leo may start to resent any jealousy and possessiveness from Scorpio. Any domination shown by Leo will be swiftly challenged by Scorpio but deep down each secretly admire the strong passionate nature that they both have.

The warmth and charm from Leo will soon melt the heart of Scorpio as they come to realise that they can rely and trust the full support of Leo in whatever they do. Leo also appreciates the intensity of love and devotion from Scorpio.

Their personal strengths are what binds the pair together. As long as they keep communication open and make the effort to understand what the other one wants in the relationship, this can be a happy, everlasting union.

Leo Love Compatibility
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