libra aquarius love compatibility

Libra and Aquarius are two of the most passionate star signs and soon as they meet sparks will fly. They both love life and together will often seek excitement and adventure. Best friends and lovers they will always find ways of doing fun stuff together, they have the same mental stimulation and both will certainly keep each other on their toes.

Problems may arise as Libra tries to dominate over the more airy Aquarius who does not like to feel restricted in any way. Some compromise may be needed from both sides in this relationship. Libra who is more family orientated and home loving may also want to settle down sooner than Aquarius whereas Aquarius tends to be slower to commit. Given time though this could be a life long relationship if both are aware and understanding of each others needs.

Libra can bring balance to the life of the Aquarius and Aquarius knows how to keep the romance and passion alive which can keep this relationship strong for a long time.

Libra Love Compatibility
Aquarius Love Compatibility

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