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When Capricorn and Libra meet for the first time their deep differences can make their feelings intense. This is usually a case of opposites attract. The social butterfly that is Libra captivates the quiet reserved Capricorn. The strong silent type that is Capricorn fascinates the out going Libra.

Libra has a tendency to be open about their feelings whereas Capricorn isn't always as forthcoming, which Libra usually finds disappointing. Capricorn needs to learn to show more attention and affection towards Libra. Libra also has to appreciate that Capricorn needs time and patience before committing themselves to anything.

Capricorn hates being the centre of attention and would much prefer a cosy night in alone with their partner. Libra may find this a problem, as they love nothing better than to party and mix with people and make new friends. However Libra has the ability to be flexible and diplomatic enough to understand Capricorn's need for privacy.

Capricorn and Libra can learn and benefit from each other's differences. Libra teaches Capricorn to be less wary and cautious not just in their relationship but also in all areas of life, and also how to be more fun and creative. Capricorn teaches Libra to be self-sufficient, hard working, rational and logical in their way of thinking. Capricorn and Libra do like and enjoy the finer things in life and usually work well together with the mutual interest in achieving their goal.

Capricorn and Libra do have certain similarities that can make this relationship work, in that once they find the perfect partner they are loyal and faithful for life and both signs will work hard at making their relationship last. With understanding and compromise from both Capricorn and Libra their bond can strengthen in time.

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