libra scorpio love compatibility

As soon their eyes meet, there is an intense chemistry between Scorpio and Libra. There is a strong attraction between the two and it does not take them long to fall in love. The charming and gentle Libra enchants Scorpio and the mysterious yet dynamic Scorpio intrigues Libra.

Scorpio and Libra are both romantics and will enjoy showering each other with plenty of love and attention. Both are sociable, like to travel and usually have a wide circle of friends.

Scorpio may grow frustrated with Libra if they show signs of being aloof and distant as Scorpio may see this as a lack of interest in the relationship. Libra by being more responsive towards Scorpio's feelings can overcome this. Libra is usually able to smooth over any troubled waters and keep an even balance where emotions are concerned.

Scorpio more often than not likes to be in control and this may cause Libra to view Scorpio as being too bossy. Scorpio needs to allow Libra a little more space and freedom to guard against any feelings of resentment. A little bit of compromise from both Libra and Scorpio could be the answer here.

Scorpio and Libra have the ability to understand each other are also both extremely adaptable in most relationships. With kindness and consideration from both signs this can be a long lasting, harmonious relationship.

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