sagittarius aquarius love compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius have so much in common that it is impossible for them not to like one another right from the start. Their traits are so similar that they could even be the same star sign. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius live life as one big adventure and in their relationship together they will both enjoy things like wining and dining and travelling to far away and exotic places.

Aquarius and Sagittarius soon discover that they have almost the same mentality. They are both independent and have high goals in life. They are both good natured, broad-minded and are non judgmental. Sagittarius admires Aquarius creativity and Aquarius gains a lot by the imaginative ideas of Sagittarius. They work very well together and can achieve great success if they want to.

Aquarius and Sagittarius are seldom boring together and hardly ever bored with each other. Both the life and soul of parties, they love going out mixing and socialising with people. Yet Aquarius and Sagittarius are just as happy sitting alone keeping each other amused for hours on end. Aquarius and Sagittarius, both have good conversational skills.

Sagittarius likes to be more expressive than the somewhat emotionally cooler Aquarius. Sagittarius may feel Aquarius to be a little bit selfish sometimes and Aquarius may tire of Sagittarius over the top and versatile ways. However with good communication and optimistic outlook, the love they have for each other, this will clear away any rocky patches in their relationship. Aquarius and Sagittarius could very well be one of the most near perfect matches of the zodiac.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility
Aquarius Love Compatibility

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