scorpio aquarius love compatibility

Aquarians and Scorpios both being highly sociable, friendly and extroverted will nearly always hit it off straight away. Aquarians are driven almost to distraction with Scorpios mysterious ways and will be intrigued to find out more. In turn the Scorpio is attracted to the independent, highly intelligent Aquarian.

Problems may occur as both signs love to be in control and both can be as equally as stubborn. This can lead to heated arguments between the two signs, however Aquarians do have the tendency to be the more levelheaded in emotionally charged situations and can usually calm an irate, angry Scorpio. Fortunately Scorpio is intelligent enough to understand this and can learn to become more lenient and forgiving.

The inconsistency and contrary Scorpio can sometimes irritate the more idealistic Aquarian whereas Scorpio may sometimes find the Aquarian a bit too demanding from time to time. However with both signs being tolerant and diplomatic they are able to reach a compromise more often than not.

Scorpios and Aquarians are both fiercely loyal and protective of those close to them and when together in a relationship will form a strong bond that will seldom be broken.

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