scorpio pisces love compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio will instantly get along, even though from the outside they may look like a mismatch similar to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The smooth going Pisces actually compliments the sometimes sharper edged Scorpio.

The sensitivity of Pisces may find any harsh criticism from Scorpio too much to bare. Scorpio also needs to guard against jealousy and resentment. However these negative traits can be overcome as both signs share the same trait of being fiercely passionate and loyal which forms the basis of a life long committed relationship together.

Pisces and Scorpio are both easily influenced by each others mood so care needs to be taken that they do not dwell on too much negativity. Both signs will benefit by having own interests and friends outside of the relationship.

Scorpio builds the confidence of Pisces by encouraging them to follow their dreams and the compassionate Pisces teaches Scorpio how best to forgive and forget past grievances. Pisces and Scorpio also place great value on home life and will take great pleasure designing and building their own love nest in which they will thrive.

Overall Pisces and Scorpio are not a case of opposites attract, but rather, differences compliment.

Scorpio Love Compatibility
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