scorpio scorpio love compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio together have a strong magnetism from the moment their eyes meet for the first time. They will be drawn to the intense chemistry they feel for each other and will never hesitate in making the first move.

Scorpios hate anything superficial. They want deep conversation, have deep thoughts and seek deep commitment. Being friendly and sociable they will have a wide circle of friends and will enjoy travelling to new places and meeting new people.

This could turn out to be a love hate relationship, both are extremely passionate but are also harsh, critical and demanding. These traits can cause fierce arguments between the two as Scorpios' can be stubborn with neither sign backing down. However the making up between the pair will be just as blazing.

Scorpios are fiercely loyal and once committed, their love and devotion they show each other will be unlimited. Resolve and passion often keep these two together. This relationship will either come to a end dramatically or lead into a long term relationship or even marriage.

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