taurus and aquarius love compatibility

These two star signs, Taurus and Aquarius, with their great thirst for knowledge and being intellectuals will find each other very interesting conversationalists. They are both creative in their way of thinking and with together with their strong imaginations can lead their romance into a strong passionate, exciting adventure for both.

However both being stubborn, tempers can flare between this couple. The steady and rather conservative Taurus may soon to become irritated with the flighty Aquarius. Aquarius could be annoyed with Taurus if they become jealous and resentful.

They both do have valuable lessons to learn from one another, the Aquarius being unbiased and tolerant can teach the usually obstinate, inflexible Taurus to reach a compromise. The Taurus in return can show the Aquarius the benefits of having a secure and stable relationship.

The Taurus may need to work hard to tie down the commitment shy Aquarius who crave independence but both have high ideals and are capable of being loyal and faithful to each other in the long term.

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