taurus and scorpio love compatibility

When Taurus and Scorpio meet for the first time it can be the start of a love hate relationship. Their differences will either compliment each other or clash irretrievably. Seldom indifferent towards each other, the strong desire of Scorpio captivates Taurus while Scorpio revels in the deep passionate nature of Taurus.

Taurus and Scorpio have the same ambitions and both are determined to reach their goals, however where Taurus seeks luxury and possessions, Scorpio thrives on power. Together they give the reassurance and emotional security they each crave. Taurus offers Scorpio stability and commitment and Scorpio gives Taurus the loyalty and devotion they desire.

Taurus and Scorpio find their match in each other as both can be as equally stubborn. Problems can occur if neither are willing to back down and compromise. Scorpio may also make demands for more time and attention which Taurus may become reluctant to fulfill. Taurus needs to be more open towards Scorpio as failure to communicate could frustrate Scorpio and even lead to a breakdown in the relationship. Scorpio needs to also guard against feelings of jealousy as this could eventually drive Taurus away.

It is the passionate and possessive nature that binds Taurus and Scorpio together. Once committed to each other, neither will want to let go. Mutual respect and learning to agree to disagree is the main key in making this relationship work. Taurus and Scorpio together is a roller coaster relationship with many ups and downs but their time together is never ever boring.

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