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It is an attraction between two minds when Aquarius and Virgo meet the first time. Both are highly intellectual and find each other's conversation interesting and stimulating. However here is where the similarity ends and you won't find a zodiac pair more opposite than these two.

Virgo is a secret worrier and likes to play safe; whereas Aquarius has a devil may care attitude and the tendency to rush into something without thinking things through first. They can learn from each other in that Virgo can teach Aquarius to be more practical and plan ahead whereas Aquarius can show Virgo the bigger picture and help them broaden their horizons. Aquarius and Virgo will both have to learn to accept each other's differences with patience and understanding.

Aquarius does not like to be locked into any sort of commitment and they hate routine, while Virgo likes everything in good order and ship shape. Aquarius may find Virgo a bit too critical and without signs of any sincere devotion from Aquarius, Virgo may grow more uncertain about their relationship. With a little sensitivity and compromise from both these differences can be overcome.

As the saying goes, opposites can and do attract. On the outside they may appear cool and detached towards each other, as neither sign, for different reasons, like to show their true feelings. However with Virgo's genuine affection and the loyalty of Aquarius they can form an everlasting loving relationship.

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