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Virgo and Libra are both great thinkers and talkers and are very good at communicating with each other. They are also both romantics though Virgo is slower at showing this trait, though Libras' outgoing and sparkling personality will soon bring out the more sensual side of Virgo. Virgo likes privacy and with Libra they will both appear to be somewhat refined and cool on the outside.

Virgo shows Libra life from a different perspective by keeping both feet firmly on the ground. Problems may occur if Libra begins to grow bored and resentful of the more practical Virgo and Virgo becoming frustrated with the care free and frivolous Libra. However if they are both willing to learn from each other, both will benefit. Virgo can help Libra to make plans to turn their dreams into a reality and Libra can teach Virgo to be more easy going and broad minded in their thinking.

Libra and Virgo also make a good partnership in the home, Libra the creative one, applies all those little touches that makes a house a home whereas Virgo contributes by keeping everything in order and making sure all things run smoothly.

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