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At first glance Sagittarius and Virgo seem a very unlikely match. The introverted Virgo will shy from interaction whereas the enthusiastic Sagittarius lives life to the full. Virgo may find Sagittarius too unpredictable and a bit too wild at heart and Sagittarius may find Virgo too serious and somewhat somber in nature.

However together Sagittarius and Virgo can be a well-balanced couple. The levelheaded Virgo offers Sagittarius security and teaches them to face reality and be more practical in life. Sagittarius in turn adds variety, sparkle and excitement in Virgo's life.

At first the Sagittarius may find Virgo demanding and too much of a perfectionist but Sagittarius could actually come to appreciate the steadiness and reliability of Virgo. Virgo also teaches Sagittarius the value of the most important things in life such as love, family and career. Sagittarius and Virgo can both inspire each other to aim higher in life.

Virgo may not always feel safe as Sagittarius could easily become bored and restless. This relationship can work if both Sagittarius and Virgo recognise and understand each other's differences. It may take a while but in time Sagittarius and Virgo, both being adaptable, can make their relationship last for as long as they both want it too.

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