virgo scorpio love compatibility

At first Virgo with Scorpio may appear very different, the somewhat shy Virgo may seem aloof to the more boisterous and outgoing Scorpio, however the Scorpio will be curious and will want to discover more about the mysterious and elegant Virgo. Virgo will be attracted to Scorpios charm and feel drawn by the intensity of their emotions.

Virgos are usually wary of the Scorpios quick temper but they also have the ability to calm Scorpio by remaining rational in the face of an argument. Virgos are understanding and peace loving and in time the more usually domineering Scorpio will learn from these qualities and will come to love and appreciate the Virgo even more.

Both signs are perfectionists and make good homemakers and good parents, they are also both faithful and loyal to their chosen partner and with these traits have the ability to form a strong and long lasting relationship together.

Virgo Love Compatibility
Scorpio Love Compatibility

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