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Traits: Virgo is refined and very conservative. They do come across as superficial and slow to show their natural kindness for the very reason that Virgos prefer to hide their true emotions. They are worriers and hate to show uncertainty, preferring to remain aloof.

However Virgos have a good understanding of others, they are usually sensible, discreet and wise and very analytical, this makes them a good character for others to turn to in need of advice.

Virgos tend to be health conscious, like cleanliness and good order. They are very good home makers.

Virgos are intellectual and studious, and any career they choose they will strive to be hard working and conscientious. They are realists and have a fine eye for detail but being perfectionists they can overlook the bigger issues. They are often meticulous and dislike sloppy, untidy work. They may come across as fussy and harsh to their fellow workers.

A Virgo as a partner can be genuinely affectionate and being reliable make a good spouse and parent. Virgos will tend to seek partners with similar values and traits as their own.

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