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You won't find a more devoted couple than Virgo and Virgo together. From the moment they first meet they will realise they obviously share the same passion and desires. They are sincere and have an intellectual and refined way about them that both find appealing in each other.

Virgos do not tend to express themselves very well in matters of the heart, yet with each other they find this unnecessary as they both know and understand each other well and have no need to vocalise their feelings all of the time.

Virgos together, having the same outlook, are perfectionists, they hate laziness and untidiness. Virgos take family life very seriously and make good homemakers, spouses and parents, preferring cosy nights in than going out partying. They prefer to keep to themselves most of the time.

As both Virgos tend to be critical this may cause feelings of tenseness and conflict between the two, as one can be just as harsh as the other, however they have the ability to work out problems with their wise, analytical minds. Virgos also make great business partners.

Virgos seldom grow bored with each other. They both have exactly what the other wants in a partner. They are genuine loyal and affectionate couple and two Virgos have what it takes for a long lasting relationship that could very well lead to marriage.

Virgo Love Compatibility

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