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22 mar 2013 - moives
y brother is a weed scientist. Every weekday morning, he drives to work laser cutting equipment in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, throws on a lab coat with ¡°Northwest Botanical Analysis¡± stitched over the pocket, and starts putting tiny samples of ganja through a gas chromatography machine, among other gadgets. He tells breeders and the ¡°dispensaries¡± that that currently distribute pot under the local medical marijuana system laser cutting system the potency of their various colorfully named strains as well as the relative amounts of the many subtly different compounds, called cannabinoids and terpenes, that make each one a different experience to smoke. He checks for mites, pesticides, and mold (a common problem with bud grown in Seattle¡¯s damp basements). These days, he¡¯s talking to the state Liquor Control Board as it works laser machine on the rules and regulations for retail sales of dope starting later this year.

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