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Your free mobile blog at can be on any subject. You can start as many blogs as you require, and you may add any number of entries within each blog subject. You must register here to get started.

A blog is a list of web pages on a particular subject that can be added to at any time. Blogs at are designed to be viewed and updated using a mobile cell phone, PDA, BlackBerry, or other similar hand held mobile internet device.

You must be a registered user and be logged in to to add your blog.

Start by choosing the subject name of your blog, and give the blog a brief description. This is the theme on which all of the blog entries in this particular blog subject will be listed under.

You may then begin entering individual blogs items. Each entry consists of the individual title of this particular blog item, and the text itself. You may edit individual blog items at any time. Your blog pages will be automatically created by the system.

If you wish to link to your blog from another web site or blog, the link will be our web address, with news and blogs, plus your user name. Eg:

If you are travelling around the world, you can document your travels with a free blog at

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