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1st blog:)

15 apr 2013 - today
Ok, so today started out great:):p had some mint tea and made my sister lunch:D I got away with not makeing any for me:p nd no1 was any the wiser:) I felt very good about myself that wen I became hungry at school I just ate mints and drank water... But OMW the water I BOUGHT from the tuckshop had chlorine in it... I have alergies to clorine and I nearly died! Then I roller bladed to go pic my sister up from skwl ( YAAYYY EXERCISE:D ) ... My mom was off to university so I was friken insainly happy cuz I could sneakily c my bf:p but then disaster struck and my moms class got canceld... I felt so bad after he rode 5 or so km on his bike to c me nd he bearly got a kiss:( so so far alls good in ana world I hav just draken water an eaten mints (sucky English over there LOL). Until it came to supper.... It was Mac and chease :( nd boy do I have a soft spot for pasta... I had one small helping and then all morals went out the window:'( I had a huge plate full! Felt so sick and piggly after that! All my hardwork to waste:( so then I had a sugary strip thing nd an apple just to make it really bad! I must have picked up so much weight:( this house needs scales :( but our "family" one is broken so yah... I really hope tomorrow goes better:) xxx pro-AdriANNE;)(get it my name)

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