welcome to my warped feeble mind lol

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the human condition is fragile and constantly evolving . this is my views on things tht matter to me.

13 apr 2013 - welcome to my warped feeble mind lol
Hi there Im Jennifer aka jrwbabydoll . baby dolls my nick name. I've started my first blog here right just now lol. I am married with 3 children all in diapers. 2.5 yr old 1.5 yr old and a 7 month old. yes i was basically pregnant for 3 years in a row. why u ask did i pop out 3 kids back to back to back? well Thts because pull out method dnt work lol broken condom and the #1 reason carelessness and stupidity "oh its just this once no big deal" ladies when Ur Dr tells u your extremely fertile after having a baby be careful . listen listen to tht Dr listen to me lol u can be pregnant before u start your cycle after having a baby tht cycle in which i call otr short for on the rag. lol crude spelled out but not so much abbreviated. Anyways i had 3 c-sections yay for me. long story short birth control people seriously. i wouldn't trade my 3 Lil boys for anything Im glad they were born they changed my life . its so much richer in love and happiness . And together w my husband we just call him redneck our three sons and our lil jack Russell named jack carve out our living in much happiness and joy . i can't post any names or exact locations due to my crazy ex who will stop at nothing to kill me because i left his ass for beating me constantly well i took his beatings until i got pregnant and he got drunk one night and decided to kick the Shit outta my belly. i almost lost my lil baby #2 Blake . i didn't put him in jail because of fear. Omg i so should have cause tht Fucking diagnosed socipath

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