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its not a story or a poem but its more of a mix between the two.

22 mar 2013 - My Boyfriend's Room
My Boyfriend’s Room
Dark and quiet, just the way I like it
My boyfriend’s room.
Purring on my lap snuggled in close,
Sleeping away the day;
Noah, the black and white cat.
Pictures and signs hanging on the wall
Clothes scattered all around.
Typical man cave.
TV off, mini fridge humming
Blankets on the ground.
Door is closed on the crazy world
For just a few moments I am alone
The perfect spot to be
My boyfriend’s room.
Sitting here on the small, blue couch behind blanketed windows
Surrounded by empty boxes, loose change
And everything that makes up the one that I love.
Hats on the hamper, next to the closet don’t open the doors
It’s a scary project
My boyfriend’s room.
Someday maybe it might be organized, but for now it’s my safe haven.
Somewhere I can escape my crazy days.
For just a few moments I can enjoy,
My boyfriend’s room.

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