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Archers Hotels the Liverpool based hotel and serviced apartment booking service has introduced a new feature to the Liverpool Business Hotels website, a Merseyside Business Events listing page.

Any business holding any type of event in and around Liverpool can get a free listing on the new Merseyside Business Events web page at: Liverpool Business Hotels Events

Organisers may add any sort of event on in Liverpool and Merseyside, networking, conferences, corporate dinners, new product launches etc. as long as it is business related. It is completely free to add events, and event organisers also benefit from a number of other free features within the system. Each listing has a hypertext link back to the organisers own official event web page which is vital for search engine position and Google Page Rank. Plus every event added is automatically twittered to the @on_in_Liverpool account.

The system has been designed with users in mind to allow them to add new events quickly and easily and with the minimum of effort and without instructions. The flow of actions is intuitive. Registration and adding business event listings is also completely free. New users should go to the email registration page to begin the events application process. This begins by sending a confirmation and registration email to the event organisers inbox with a link taking them back in to the system to complete their contact details. Once confirmed events can by added at any time. Users may add both individual one off events on a specific date and time and also regular reoccurring weekly, monthly or even yearly events.

Event organisers are free to add any information as required on the listing, but there are several obvious requirements such as the title of the event, the venue of the event, contact details for anyone who wants to attend, and of course a description of the event. The is no limit to the size of the post, and so the full event details can be added in the event description section.

The title of the event becomes the permanent hypertext link to the event such as: Links to Improve Google Rank Liverpool SEO Seminar and so important consideration should be given to this to maximise the effectiveness of the listing.

Each event added automatically posts a link to the @on_in_Liverpool twitter account automatically using the event permanent link shortened via the twitter URL shortening system. Each event will also automatically form part of the twice monthly events newsletter that is emailed out to users who have opted in via the newsletter request form.

For more information simple visit the website Liverpool Business Hotels

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