wap 2.0 and mobi

WAP stands for 'Wireless Application Protocol' and is a miniature version of the internet optimised for handheld devices, usually a mobile cell phone, but also blackberry handheld or pda palmtop mini computers. WAP is used for providing information and services to your mobile cell phone wherever a signal is available. WAP is also the means of delivering much content such as ringtones, logos and games to mobiles.

What WAP is not an information superhighway. WAP is excellent however for providing up to date real time information services such as news headlines and sports reports, and mini on the go applications such as city guides.

However WAP has now evolved in the mobile internet with WAP 2.0, and now has its own top level domain (TLD) with .mobi. In fact this site is available as freomob.mobi today.

WAP 2.0 is much more like HTML, but uses a stripped down set of constructs. Browsers in the current generation of mobile cell phones and blackberry pdas which can display .mobi sites can also often display full HTML web sites.

WAP 2.0 uses an XML compliant version of HTML complete with CSS style sheets. One of the biggest advantages from previous generations of WML is the introduction of bigger colour screens allowing a much richer mobile browsing experience.

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This .mobi site is best viewed on a mobile cell phone, iPhone, PDA, BlackBerry or Smartphone etc.

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